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The Barefoot Runner

Nov, 07, 2020

For our third outdoor story journal, we will be showcasing the adventure lifestyle of Joseph Michael Liu. To say the least, Joseph is a very active 39-year-old outdoor enthusiast. He has been featured in tons of outdoor magazines and news websites due to his remarkable outdoor spirit and thirst for adventure. From attempting to run semi-barefoot across the American Continent...


How to wash your RV?

Nov, 01, 2020

Copyright:welcomia A Clean RV Means Comfortable, Healthy Travel!!! Tired of staying indoors all day? Want to go out and explore local RV resorts? Then RV Travel is the perfect activity for you! Taking a drive outdoors is a great way to spend quality in natural surroundings away from the hectic city life while still abiding by necessary pandemic safety precautions....


Top 6 RV Camping Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Oct, 19, 2020

Photo by Togo RV on Unsplash Keep these quick tips in mind. You’ll be a veteran before you know it. RV Camping has exploded in popularity this summer. And why not? After all, RV Camping allows you to escape crowded city areas and immerse yourself in the great outdoors. And right now may just be the perfect time to try...



Sep, 14, 2020

For our second outdoor story journal, we will be taking a look at the life of Colin Murtagh. He is a freelance photographer living in Colorado with his wife and two sons. You will find Colin exploring all across the state during his spare time.   Although Colin has always been in love with the great outdoors, he really started...


Outdoor Series Story No.1 – Luke Pearsall

Sep, 07, 2020

From today on we are going to start our Outdoor Series campaign. Here we plan to feature at least one outdoor enthusiast every week and share their individual stories with our audience. In our first-ever Outdoor Series blog post, we are introducing Luke Pearsall. He is a commercial outdoor adventure and travel photographer based out of Denver Colorado. He also...


6 Essential Tips For RV Camping

May, 22, 2020

Photo by Togo RV on Unsplash If you are looking for a more convenient and less expensive way to travel — RVing could be just what you need! Feeling a little sluggish or stressed out at home? Why not try RV Camping? There's nothing quite like that feeling of being in the great outdoors. Going out on an RV Camping...


5 National Parks You Can Virtually Visit Right Now

Apr, 25, 2020

Photo by Aniket Deole on Unsplash Want to visit the National Parks? Here's your chance to do so, virtually! Satisfy your wanderlust virtually! With travel restrictions in place, virtual escapism is stepping up to fill the void for people bored at home. There are several national parks all over the world that you can now visit VIRTUALLY right from the...


Essential Hygiene Tips For Hikers And Campers

Mar, 15, 2020

Photo by Toomas Tartes on Unsplash When you are enjoying the outdoors, you must never neglect the importance of staying healthy and hygienic in all situations. As a matter of fact, it is more important to maintain your hygiene when you are out in the wild. You must make sure to maintain high hygiene standards because bugs and other issues...


Scenic Waterfront Campgrounds In The US For Your RVs

Jan, 02, 2020

Copyright:welcomia There are many RV parks and campgrounds in the US, but if you are someone who loves the sun, sand and water, then check our list to know more about the best waterfront RV campgrounds in the country. Oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes and many more waterfront locations are dime a dozen in the US and it will take a...


Private: Outdoor Hygiene 101

Jan, 02, 2020

All of us are used to the luxury of pooping and peeing in our very own hygienic home, but out in the wild, one cannot expect such hygienic conditions. A proper bathroom survival guide you get from this article will provide you with valuable insights on the best ways to stay hygienic even when you pee or poop outdoors. The...