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6 Essential Tips For RV Camping

May 22, 2020

6 Essential Tips For RV Camping

Photo by Togo RV on Unsplash

If you are looking for a more convenient and less expensive way to travel — RVing could be just what you need!

Feeling a little sluggish or stressed out at home? Why not try RV Camping? There's nothing quite like that feeling of being in the great outdoors. Going out on an RV Camping trip is a great way to decompress and take in beautiful natural surroundings! Plus, an RV is like a home on wheels. So, in terms of convenience, there are no better means of travel than an RV. But as fun as RV Camping sounds, there's a lot you need to learn beforehand to have the best trip possible. Therefore, in today's article, I will share my 6 essential tips for RV Camping that will help make your RV Camping experience a fun one.

Follow these 6 essential tips for a safe and enjoyable RV camping trip.

1) Clean your RV


Now is the time to give extra care to your usual cleaning routine. So go get some Lysol or Clorox wipes and start cleaning! You can also use cleaning supplies such as an adjustable wash brush, a biodegradable RV wash, wastewater treatment, wax, awning cleaner, and wheel cleaners. Use the “Top Down Method” when cleaning the RV exterior. Start at the roof, and then work your way down the RV exterior. Wash the awning before washing the sidewalls. Then finish off by cleaning the RV tires! Also, a quick disinfecting of your RV will help sweep out those nasty germs.

2) Do not travel far

Photo by Vladimir Haltakov on Unsplash

Considering the current situation, it's best if you stay local and search for campgrounds or nature parks located nearby. Be sure to verify that they are open and accepting visitors before you go there. Always look for a place based on your options and requirements. If you’re planning to spend more than one day in one location, choose a site that offers more amenities. And before you make your final decision on where to go, review pictures and read reviews to get a good feel for what the site offers you.

3) Stock your pantry

Photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash

Pay special attention to what you’re putting in your RV’s pantry. Pack non-perishables and canned foods. Things like rice, honey, beans, condiments, & dried fruits will make great additions to your pantry. There will be places where you can restock your supplies but just to stay on the safe side, try pre-planning your meal options and bring items you need before the start of the trip. This way you won't have to search for local grocery stores when you reach your destination.

4) Maintain Social Distancing Standards

Photo by Togo RV on Unsplash

Right now, it will be foolish to not maintain a proper social distance where ever you are. Keeping at least six feet of distance between yourself and anyone else is a must. Whether you're meeting other RV campers or the park rangers, you should always maintain social distancing standards.

5) Avoid Using Shared Facilities

Photo by Izabela Mierzejewski on Unsplash

Once you're at the campground, do not use any shared spaces or facilities even if the area is cleaned frequently than normal. This way you will significantly lower your exposure to germs & reduce the risk of getting sick.

6) Stay Home If Sick Or At Risk

Photo by Keagan Henman on Unsplash

Feeling sick? Or have a pre-existing medical condition? Then you better stay at home! For the time being, you should travel out only if you are healthy and do not experience any symptoms. No matter how much you love traveling in your RV, you must always prioritize your health & safety first. Remember, there's no place on earth worth traveling to if it means risking the health of yourself and others around you. Plus, the wilderness will always be there waiting for you once you are fit enough to travel.

Additional Reminder: Wash Your Hands Regularly!


Photo by Alan Billyeald on Unsplash

There's no debate. RV Camping is a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors, and a particularly popular option for those who want to travel far and wide on their own. And if you keep all these 6 essential tips in mind then I'm sure you will have a very memorable and fun RV Camping adventure. Lastly all that's left to say is, leave your worries at home and go enjoy nature for a weekend!

Over to you: Have any extra tips you want to share? Then be sure to share your best RV Camping tips in the comment section below, too!​

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