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September 14, 2020


For our second outdoor story journal, we will be taking a look at the life of Colin Murtagh. He is a freelance photographer living in Colorado with his wife and two sons. You will find Colin exploring all across the state during his spare time.


Although Colin has always been in love with the great outdoors, he really started to travel and explore after he moved to Colorado around 5 or 6 years ago. In his own words, Colin Murtagh says "I missed the mountains when I had moved away so now I take full advantage of them." Now that he is living in Colorado, he plans to take full advantage of his spare time by exploring the great outdoors. For him, being close to Mother Nature is always a great experience and he wants to keep on exploring new places whenever he is free.

Colin Murtagh, "I missed the mountains when I had moved away so now I take full advantage of them."


When asked about what excites him the most about going outdoors, Colin replied that for him the most exciting part is to be somewhere that helps melt away all his stress and struggles. He further explains to us that when he is in the middle of nowhere on a strenuous hike, he finds his mind to be completely clear of distractions and totally at peace. Now that's a great reason why we all should go hiking at least few times a year. Other than that, Colin also really enjoys taking photos of places he travels to and he makes sure to keep the memory of each place alive through the photos he clicks.


To describe a bit about the photo that you see above: Colin explains it was getting closer to the fall season, and the air was crisp and cold, especially up above 11,000 feet! During this trip, Colin had brought the UL50 and UL80 sleeping pads. These helped him keep his body off the cold ground. Colin also says they were so comfortable that they woke up very rested to a frosty morning the next day. On the same trip, Colin also had brought the YIZI GO Plus and the canvas table. He tells us that they were a perfect pair to have a beer and watch the sun go down.

Colin Murtagh, "We used the UL50 and UL80 which kept us off the cold ground. They were so comfortable and we awoke very rested to a frosty morning. The YIZI GO Plus and the canvas table were a perfect pair to have a beer and watch the sun go down."



We now have reached the end of our 2nd Outdoor Series blog post. But before we do that, we have one last question for Colin. What's the best thing about going outdoors with a Trekology product?

To this question, Colin answered back saying that he really loves the lightweight feature of all Trekology products. Colin often goes on longer treks so anything he brings with him must be lightweight and compact to carry. He uses the Trekology Canvas Table a lot during such long treks mainly because it weighs very little and it can be strapped to the outside of his backpack.

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