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Hiking and Trekking

Hiking and Trekking

Europe’s 5 Best Hiking Trails You Need To Explore

Feb, 25, 2022

Copyright:atv_11 Looking for the best hiking trails in Europe? Look no further! Europe is a hiking paradise for all. From scenic day walks to arduous week-long hikes, Europe has something for everyone. It boasts some of the most breathtaking trails full of incredible natural scenery. The variety of trails for hiking is endless. Whether you’re looking for stark arctic landscapes,...

Hiking and Trekking

7 Best Winter Hiking Trails In The U.S.

Dec, 02, 2021

Photo by Joey C on Unsplash Hiking in winter? Yes, please! The days may be shorter but they are definitely way cooler. So gear up, because we’ve covered different terrains of varying difficulty for you to explore. Enjoy hiking in scenic snow-covered landscapes this winter. Explore off the beaten hiking trails with few other hikers. Have fun in the chilly...

Hiking and Trekking

7 Best Winter Hiking Trails In Canada

Dec, 01, 2021

Photo by Yann Allegre on Unsplash   You may think that the hiking days have come to a halt, but they don’t have to. There’s something about winter hikes that words cannot express. The serene view of whitewashed snow mountains, the smell of fresh and cold air breezing past your hair, and the gruffly sound of ice crunching beneath your...

Hiking and Trekking

7 Best Winter Hiking Trails In The UK

Nov, 29, 2021

Photo by Migle Siauciulyte on Unsplash   Winter is a magical time of the year with furry snow sprinkled on pale grass, sunlight trying to seep into thick fog draping the atmosphere. While some of us snuggle further into our warm socks and comfy blankets, others rush to put on their hiking boots and get out and about in the...

Hiking and Trekking

7 Best Fall Hiking Destinations In The U.S.

Sep, 30, 2021

Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash No matter where you live in the United States, there are plenty of places to go hiking this fall. Fall is here and with it come cooler temperatures, shorter days, and the changing of the leaves. In order to celebrate our favorite season we've compiled a list of America's top 7 hiking destinations perfect...

Hiking and Trekking

7 Safety Tips For Hiking At Night

Jul, 14, 2021

Photo by Chaney Zimmerman on Unsplash With the right preparation, hiking at night can be a safe and fun experience for all involved. Hiking at night seems to be the new trendy activity that many thrill-seekers are enjoying at the moment. The night is a beautiful time to explore the world. It's also a dangerous time if you're not prepared...

Hiking and Trekking

5 Best Hikes To Get Away From The Crowds

Jul, 05, 2021

Photo by Dhiren Rai on Unsplash Expand your hiking bucket list to include trails that are not overcrowded and still offer some degree of solitude! Hiking is a great way to experience nature and get your blood pumping. Unfortunately, the popularity of hiking has caused overcrowding on popular trails in some parts of the country. Luckily there are still some...

Hiking and Trekking

10 Beautiful National Parks In Canada You’ve To Explore

Jun, 29, 2021

Photo by Rene Baker on Unsplash Canada’s national parks are beautiful, wild places that offer everything from sandy beaches and rocky coasts to lush forests and glacial lakes. They are living postcards that must be seen and discovered firsthand to be appreciated properly. Canada’s finest wilderness has quite rightly been enshrined and protected in its national parks. Viewing the wildlife,...

Hiking and Trekking

7 Useful Hiking Tips For Seniors

May, 03, 2021

Copyright:monkeybusiness Hiking is a great outdoor activity for senior citizens. Your age should not stop you from going outdoors and spending time in the wilderness. We all need to get out once in a while and engage in an activity that’s not too hard on our bodies. Going on a hike can help seniors keep their body fit without putting...

Hiking and Trekking

7 Best Hikes In Zion National Park

Apr, 01, 2021

Photo by Den Harrson on Unsplash If you’re looking for some of the best trails to go hiking in Zion National Park, this list might give you some ideas to start with. Zion National Park is a world-class hiking destination every hiker should experience at least once in their lifetime. It is one of America’s most popular national parks with...