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7 Best Winter Hiking Trails In The UK

November 29, 2021

7 Best Winter Hiking Trails In The UK

Photo by Migle Siauciulyte on Unsplash


Winter is a magical time of the year with furry snow sprinkled on pale grass, sunlight trying to seep into thick fog draping the atmosphere. While some of us snuggle further into our warm socks and comfy blankets, others rush to put on their hiking boots and get out and about in the chilly outdoors.


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Hiking while exploring the bare nature is a great way to lose that holiday weight, isn't it? If you agree with me and are excited by the idea of exploring the snow and the winter, why not embark on a winter adventure through the frosty landscapes of the UK.


Here are the 7 best winter hiking trails in the UK for you to explore:


1) Loch Muick Nature Reserve, Scotland


best winter hikes in the UK


Photo by Valeriya Rozhkova on Unsplash


Scotland has a lot to offer during the winter with its snow-topped mountains and frozen glacial lakes. Loch Muick is one of them. It is the main trail in the reserve stretching around eight miles. Walking with a variety of wildlife in fairly moderate terrain, keen hikers can take a small detour to explore some of the area's beautiful waterfalls and the snow-topped peaks of Lochnagar. The Glas-Allt-Shiel house topped with nature's serene view is an experience worth it.


2) Steall Falls and Glen Nevis, Highland


best winter hikes in the UK


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Bounded by several high mountains, including the Ben Nevis, Glen Nevis is a moderate hiking trail. It is a playground for mountaineers, mountain bikers, and white-water rafters. The magnificent Steal Falls tumbles into the Glen Nevis providing a packing aural and visual experience for the hikers. Suitable for almost everyone, Glen Nevis is about 3.2 km, a low-level walk through the Nevis Gorge, with some rocky and slippery paths along the way.


3) Bronte Walk, Yorkshire Dales


Named after the Bronte sisters, this path is one for the literary fans. Keeping the Haworth moorlands popular, the Bronte sisters have accomplished some great literary works. Bronte walk has a lot to offer with its Waterfalls which as described by Charlotte Bronte is a 'perfect torrent racing over the rocks, white and beautiful' and the infamous Top Withens - the supposed setting of Wuthering Heights. Don't forget to explore the Bronte Museum on your way back from the walk.


4) Castleton and Winnats Pass, Derbyshire


best winter hikes in the UK


Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash


The planned medieval town of Castleton is not only famous for its cave, Peak Cavern, but also for its dazzling street filled with Christmas lights and trees. And looming over the village, the 12th century Peveril Castle is a must-see in an easy, 4.6 circular walk. Christmas is over probably but, one can still explore the cave which is one of the Seven Wonders of the Peak District, and was long thought to be an entrance to Hell. Spooky isn't it?


5) Hawkshead and Latterbarrow, Cumbria


best winter hikes in the UK


Photo by Niklas Weiss on Unsplash


Become an amateur mountaineer as you conquer a mini-mountain this winter with a trip to one of the Lake District's most accessible peaks. The 244m high summit sits less than two miles from the Hawkshead village. The short but intense climb can be completed in a couple of hours. While you retrace your way back to the cobbled alleyways of the village, hop into the small stores open throughout the winter.


6) Offa's Dyke


best winter trails in the UK


Photo by E M on Unsplash


Walking along the border of England and Wales, be ready to experience ever-changing landscapes on your hike to this beautiful 177 miles trail. You can experience the grand panoramic view of the Malvern Hills while you are kept occupied by a diverse range of wildlife. Look out for the famous Black Mountain crowned in light snow as you walk on your own British wonderland.


7) Marlpit Hill, Kent


It’s the perfect time to visit the Marlpit Hills as the clear waterways surrounding it crystallizes with frost. The 3.3-mile walk is full of oaks, hazel and birch quilted by mist and the low, golden light makes this trail a perfect frame for photographers.




Put on your mittens and dress in layers of woolen clothes and top it off with a bright light jacket so that you’re visible in the otherwise white landscape. Having something warm to sip while you hike would be a great way to stay heated. And last but not the least, don’t wander off alone. Hiking is always fun when you take a friend.


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