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7 Best Spring Hiking Trails In The UK

March 07, 2022

7 Best Spring Hiking Trails In The UK

Photo by Jonny Gios on Unsplash

Time to dust off your hiking boots and explore some of the best hikes in the UK!

Spring is upon us. And you can now finally get outside and go hiking in the great outdoors. No need to worry about chilly wintry days. It’s a sweet time of year with warm and long days. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast then this spring you’ve got to check out these hiking trails in the UK. “Why?”, you ask.

Well because, UK’s spectacular coastline, forests, and exquisite countryside make it a haven for all types of hikers. It offers inescapable opportunity to witness sublime natural beauty. There are so many amazing places to go hiking in the UK during this spring season. Spring hiking in the UK will let you discover lovely scenic routes that you might’ve otherwise missed out on. Plus, you’ll get to truly appreciate UK’s phenomenal natural beauty.

Here are 7 of the best spring hiking trails in the UK you absolutely have to experience.

1. Blencathra

best hikes in UK

Photo by Jonny Gios on Unsplash

Test your weary legs with a hike to Blencathra. Considered by many hikers as one of the best hikes in the UK, this hiking trail is about 8.5 km long and extremely challenging. But you’ll have fun all the way to the top. Many experienced hikers come here to challenge themselves and enjoy the spectacular views. Don’t forget to take it slow and warm up your legs before the hike.

Your hike will start and end in a lovely village called “Threlkeld”. And as you go on, you’ll pass through beautiful English forests. There are some sections where having technical skills will help you a lot. And as you ascend higher, it will become more difficult. Breathtaking views of the Keswick countryside await you upon reaching the summit. It is highly recommended to only hike if the weather is good. Because there are many unstable rocks and narrow ridgeline.

2. The Lizard Coastal Walk

best spring hikes in the UK

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Second, on our list of the best hikes in the UK is the Lizard Coastal Walk hiking trail. It is about 11-km long and provides views that will surely make your jaw drop. The trail introduces you to the southern coast of Cornwall. Your hike will begin from the village of the Lizard Penninsula. Then the trail goes along the Serpentine Rock before reaching the Kynance Cove. Don’t forget to bring your camera. Because you might see some seals and dolphins while hiking here.

Compared to other hiking trails in the UK, the Lizard Coastal Walk is not that difficult. And should be perfect for novice hikers and beginners. Every inch of the Lizard Coastal Walk trail is worth hiking across. That’s why you’ll never get bored of the sceneries around you. There are plenty of cafes and toilet stops along the route. So, you can always decide to take a break and have some food on the hike.

3. Hadrian’s Wall

hiking in the uk

Photo by Frank on Unsplash

Hadrian’s Wall is a historic landmark that was built by the Roman emperor Hadrian in the second century AD. Many hikers refer to this hike as one of the best hikes in the UK. You can relish in the picturesque natural scenery. Learn a thing or two about English history. And have the best time of your life while hiking in Hadrian’s Wall trail.

All in all, the hike is absolutely breathtaking. And you’ll get the opportunity to explore many places all in one hike. You can visit ancient Roman forts, meet up with locals and spend hours exploring the museums. But there is a catch. Its 135-km trail means you’ll spend days following a trail line through Hadrian’s Wall. The best way to experience this hike is to walk the entire length, but there are also shorter sections that can be explored.

4. Helvellyn

hiking in the uk

Photo by Amit Jagnade on Unsplash

For those who’ve never set foot on the Lake District of Cumbria, this hike is a must. Helvellyn is one of the best hikes in the UK because it offers stunning views of the Lake District. Hikers will enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and lakes. But the hiking route is over 14-km long and it’s pretty challenging. So, you may want to prepare your legs for the high ascend.

Once you reach the summit, you’ll find yourself on Striding Edge. Not far away is the Red Tarn- a beautiful lake perfect for resting. After all that, you now have to return back down the same way you came up. Remember, a tolerance for height is a must for this hike. But the stunning views of the landscapes will make it worthwhile.

5. Stanage Edge

best hiking trails in the UK

Photo by James Ashwood on Unsplash

If you want to go hiking in a beautiful valley with farmlands and forests then this hike is perfect for you. Stanage Edge is a famous landmark inside Peak District National Park. This hiking trail is 10.5-km long and starts from a village called ‘Hathersage’. You should consider exploring Hathersage before heading back home after completing the hike. Stanage Edge is also a popular place for climbing and bouldering.

The hike itself is simple and easy. Most of the time, you’ll be left enthralled by a series of impressive rock formations. Stanage Edge offers jaw-dropping views of ‘Hope Valley’. And many parts of this area are well worth hiking across. That’s why it is one of the best places to go hiking in the spring season. Visiting the North Lees Hall is one of the highlights of this hike. There’s a lot of history and literary connections in that building. Get ready to enjoy fantastic views of the countryside with Stanage Edge hiking trail.

6. South Downs Way

best hiking trails in the UK

Photo by Kai Bossom on Unsplash

Do you want to visit some of England’s finest countryside? Then consider going on a long-distance hike along the South Downs Way trail. This hike is rated by many hikers as one of the best multi-day hiking destinations in the UK. The hiking route is fully accessible and covers about 160-km. Being so long, this hike offers a little bit of everything. From stunning natural scenery to the sights of wildlife. There are lots of scenic villages along the trail that are perfect for a short break.

The hike begins in Winchester and goes all the way to Eastbourne. You’ll learn a great deal about the countryside of southern England during this hike. Highlights include Roman villas, lighthouses, and farmers’ markets. You can always choose to sit down and enjoy the sunset views over the rolling hills while hiking here. At the end of this hike, you’ll even get the chance to see chalk-white cliffs and green river valleys.

7. Cuthbert’s Way

The beautiful Cuthbert’s Way is top-rated hiking trail packed full of historical context. This hiking route was established in 1996 and is about 30-km long. The paths are well-marked and do not have many ups and downs. Following the trail will let you explore the quiet countryside of Northumbria. Breathtaking views will keep you company during the hike. Also, there are tons of sites that will distract you every now and then.

You’ll start your hike from the village of Wooler and explore the border regions of Scotland at first. Then follow the route towards the Holy Island. On your way, you’ll pass through St. Cuthbert’s Cave and Greensheen Hill. The hike will also lead you to the venerated site of Lindisfarne. Here you can make stone cairns and take in the scenic sea views. The vividness of the countryside is at its best during the spring season. So, spring is by far the best time to hike here.

Extra places where you can go for a spring hike in the UK:

Is your favorite hiking destination included on the list? If not tell me what is your favorite spring hiking trail in the comments!

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