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7 Ways To Save Money On Hiking Gear

October 01, 2022 1 Comment

tips to save money on hiking gear

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Want to cut your hiking gear expenses in half (or more)? Then this blog post is for you!

Quality hiking gear is an investment NOT an expense. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and a leg just to buy one. There are ways you can save up a ton while still getting good quality equipment you need to stay safe and have fun. This guide will explain how to save money on hiking gear with a few simple steps. However, not all of these tips are applicable to everyone. So, go through the list below and find those that apply to you before purchasing your equipment.

Here’s how to save money on hiking gear:

1. Avoid buying the latest model

tips to save money on hiking gear

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Avoid buying the latest models of hiking gear. The impulse to buy these things can be really tempting. Instead of buying the most current version of a product, opt for one that has recently been replaced by a newer model. Most retail shops will be willing to slash prices on the old models to move them, saving you tons money. You can get an older version of gear released the previous year, or even the year before that, at a cheap price with features similar to a newly released one. There’s a chance that you’ll even be able to save as much as 25 percent or more from buying older models. This way you’ll be able to save money on hiking gear and not worry about how much cash you’ve left in your bank account.

Check out this blog post if you wish to learn when to splurge and when to avoid overspending on hiking gear.

2. Borrow or rent equipment

tips to save money on hiking gear

Photo by Ozgu Ozden on Unsplash

Borrowing or renting hiking gears that are in reasonably good condition is a great way to save money on hiking gear. Instead of buying a whole new backpack for a week-long trip, you could try to rent it out from your local outdoor shop. If you live in the U.S., REI Co-op provides renting services in 24 different states. You can also search for gear rentals near your area on Google or check outdoor gear pages on Facebook.

Another way to save money on hiking gear is to borrow equipment from a friend. Be sure to thoroughly inspect the gear and see if there is anything wrong with it before borrowing or renting it. If possible, test them out so you’ll know if they are a good fit. Also, don’t forget to clean & dry it before returning.

Here's a comprehensive blog post on how you can borrow or rent hiking gear.

3. Shop Off-Season sales

tips to save money on hiking gear

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Another great way to saving money on hiking gear is to go shopping during off-season sales. It’s very common for most outdoor stores to put their inventory on an off-season clearance. You can get heavy discounts on certain gears if you know where to look for. On average, outdoor gear is around 24 % off in June. Whereas spring is the time to get the best deals on winter gear. Head over to Backcountry.com, Gear Trade, and Overstock.com for the best off-season deals on various hiking gears. Also, keep an eye out in your neighborhood to see what’s up for sale. And don’t be afraid to haggle when buying.

Want to buy outdoor hiking gear at a steeply discounted price? Check out these discount outdoor gear sites!

4. Buy gear with great warranties

tips to save money on hiking gear

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These days plenty of outdoor brands offer either a full or limited lifetime warranties. At first, it may seem like a marketing ploy to attract customers. But these warranties are not there just for show. Lifetime warranties mean that you are going to save a ton of money in the long run. While the initial fee will be higher, the long-term benefit of having a gear that comes with a lifetime warranty is totally worth the extra cost.

You never know when or how your equipment will get damaged on the trail. You might have to repair or replace it completely. And that’s not going to be cheap. Therefore, buying gear with a lifetime warranty serves as an investment which pays itself off over the years. But this is only going to work if you plan to use the gear for several years or so. If you only intend to use your hiking gear for only a short period of time then you might be better off buying one without a lifetime warranty.

Note: Always be honest and considerate when returning gear for warranty. You shouldn’t take advantage of these warranties for refunds or any financial gain.

5. Shop for durability

tips to save money on hiking gear

Photo by Khamkhor on Unsplash

Every time you decide to buy a piece of hiking gear, ask yourself will this item last long and survive rough use. It’s always important to pay more for products with proven reliability and durability. Plus, buying cheap can lead to spending more down the road. So, it makes more sense to pay a high price up front for a gear that can handle the demands of everyday use. This way you won’t have to worry about buying new gears for the next couple of years.

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6. Repair and Improvise

The cost of high-quality hiking gear isn’t likely to come down any time soon. And the thing you considered a minor damage on your hiking gear can end up costing quite a bit of money. So, having a bit of knowledge in gear maintenance and repair can help save you money in the long run. You should invest in a good repair kit which can help patch up your backpack, sleeping pads/bags, and other expensive equipment.

7. Take good care of your gear

tips to save money on hiking gear

Photo by mohammad alizade on Unsplash

It’s a no-brainer. Taking care of your equipment is a must, no matter how well-made they are. If you take care of your gears, they’ll be able to last a long time and you won’t have to spend more money on replacements. You should clean and dry off all your hiking gears after returning back from a trip. Don’t leave tents and sleeping pads in the sun for too long when not in use. UV rays can damage the fabric of these items. Go through the instruction manual before using any gear. Instruction manuals will teach you how to use the product in an efficient way.


Saving money on hiking gears won’t be that difficult if you keep these tips in mind. Buying gears with great warranties and borrowing gears from your friends are most effective, but other tips can also help you save money the next time you need hiking gears.

How do you save money on hiking gear? Let us know in the comments below.

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