5 Tips To Beat The Heat While Hiking This Summer

January 02, 2020

5 Tips To Beat The Heat While Hiking This Summer

Even on the hottest days, hiking is the best way to enjoy your summer holidays. Going on a hike allows you to escape the busy life of the city and also gives you the opportunity to explore amazing wilderness areas that nature has to offer. Having said that, no outdoor activity is totally risk-free, and hiking is no exception. All seasons come with their challenges and all challenges. Safety is of utmost importance and you need to ready to deal with scorching hot temperatures during summer hikes. So, following a few simple tips on how to beat the heat while hiking is crucial if you don’t wish to become a victim of heat stroke & heat exhaustion.

Here are 5 amazing tips to help you beat the heat while hiking this summer.

1. Know the best times to hike

Before venturing out, you need to know the best time to start and stop your hiking trip for the day. It is best to avoid hitting the trail around 1 to 3 PM. These are the hottest time of the day and hiking won’t be fun when your body is getting beat up with sweltering heat of the sun. Instead, plan your hike to start right after the sunrise. This way you will be able to enjoy the cool weather at least for a few hours. Most hikers consider 5 AM to 8 AM to be the best time to start hiking on hot summer days. You can also try going on shorter hikers late in the evenings right after 4 PM. As the days are usually longer in summer, you will have plenty of time to explore plenty of cool places.

2. Choose the right trail

Tips to beat the heat while hiking

Picking the right trail for your hike is necessary for a fun and safe summer trip outdoors. The trail you choose will have a big impact on your overall hiking experience. Elevation, shade, and water are the three most important things to consider when choosing a trail. We highly recommend hiking on trails that offer plenty of shade to avoid direct sunlight. It will also be a good idea to choose one that lies near a source of water. This way you will have plenty of opportunities to cool down every now and then. Plus, the trails near bodies of water are slightly cooler. Another thing to keep in mind is the elevation of the trail. Temperatures become cooler the higher you go. So, try looking for places with high elevation for your next summer adventure.

3. Drink plenty of water

Tips to beat the heat while hiking

On any hot summer day, drinking plenty of water should be a top priority especially if you’re out hiking. Dehydration is a serious threat to your safety. Your body can lose 1 liter of water every hour while hiking. And though everyone has different water needs, it is best to drink water frequently before you get thirsty. Keep in mind if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Taking small sips of water before you become thirsty can prevent dehydration. We recommend drinking a half-liter of water every hour when it’s 80°F or 26.67 °C. But never force yourself to drink water. Water sources can be unreliable in the summer. Therefore, you should carry an extra bottle of water and make sure to refill them whenever possible.

4. Wear appropriate clothing

Tips to beat the heat while hiking

The next you thing need to do is wear clothing that can help you cope with the summertime temperatures. The type of dress you wear will drastically impact your overall hiking experience. That’s why you should wear clothing that is lightweight, not too tight, and light-colored. White shorts, shirts, and pants are an absolute must for hot-weather hikes. The right fabric will help regulate your body temperature. The lighter the fabric the better. Cotton is the most breathable fabric and is hugely available. But you should avoid clothing made from cotton. Instead, go for nylon and polyester. Never wear dark colored clothes.

5. Remember to slow down and rest

For fitness fanatics who love hiking to the extreme, slowing down and taking rest may not sound like a tip at all. But hear me out. Hot days can take a heavy toll on a person pretty quick. No matter how fit you are, you should never overdo it. Your body can’t cool down when you’re constantly on the move. So, don’t push for those big miles when the heat is beating you down. It’s best to take rest every now and then in a shaded, cool spot. Taking rest gives you time to rehydrate and recover. Slowing down on your hike can also help you avoid heat stroke. Chilling out for a bit also lets you take in the scenery and replenish your energy.


All in all, these are our 5 summer hiking tips to keep yourself cool and enjoy the trip outdoors. You can set your hike up for success by doing some pre-planning. Make sure to keep these simple pointers in mind for next time you go out and stay safe. Now that you know how to beat the heat while hiking this summer, you’re ready to get out there. See you on the trails!

Do you have any tips to beat the heat while hiking this summer? Let us know in the comments down below.

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