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7 Best Spring Hikes In Australia

September 01, 2022

Best Hikes In Australia

Looking for the best spring hikes in Australia? You've come to the right place.

After a long, dreary winter, there's nothing quite like the arrival of spring to get your blood pumping and your spirits soaring. With the warmer weather come new opportunities for exploration and adventure, and what better way to take advantage of the fresh season than by hitting the hiking trails? From coastlines and mountain ranges to rainforests and deserts, Australia is home to an abundance of picturesque hiking routes begging to be explored.

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But with so many incredible trails to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. So we've put together a list of 7 best hikes in Australia that are perfect for enjoying the stunning Australian landscape this season. Each hike offers something unique and beautiful, so it's definitely worth planning a trip to experience them all.

Here are seven of the best spring hikes in Australia:

1) The Great Ocean Road Walk

best hikes in australia

Photo by Biljana Ristic on Unsplash

If you're looking for an epic hiking experience, the Great Ocean Road Walk is definitely worth checking out. This hike takes you along one of Australia's most beautiful coastal roads and offers amazing views of the ocean and surrounding landscape. Plus, there are plenty of great places to stop and take a break along the way. To get started, simply park your car at one of the many designated car parks along the route and follow the signs. The whole walk takes around two days to complete. And the best time to go is during late spring when the weather is mild and there are fewer crowds. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned hiker, this trail has something to offer everyone. So if you're looking for a breathtaking hike to challenge yourself, don't miss out on the Great Ocean Road Walk! Remember to pack plenty of snacks and water, as it can be a fairly strenuous trek.

2) Kings Canyon Rim Walk

best hikes in australia

Photo by Ethan Smeets on Unsplash

Kings Canyon Rim Walk is one of the best hikes in Australia. If you're looking for a challenging and rewarding hike to do in Australia, the Kings Canyon Rim Walk is one of the best options. This 8-10 kilometer trek will take you up and around the rim of Kings Canyon, providing beautiful views of the canyon and its surroundings. The walk is easy to moderate, making it a great option for hikers of all levels. Hikers should allow plenty of time to complete the loop, as there are plenty of photo opportunities along the way. Spring is the perfect time to go as the weather is mild and there are often fewer crowds. Plus, you'll get to see some of Australia's most beautiful scenery. Don't miss out on this incredible Australian hike!

3) Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk

best hikes in australia

Photo by e on Unsplash

When in Sydney, you have to do the Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk. Rated as one of the best hikes in Australia, this 6km walk offers stunning ocean views, vibrant coastal scenery and plenty of opportunities for a swim on a hot day. The hike starts at Bondi Beach and finishes at Coogee Beach - perfect for an afternoon stroll or a morning run. The whole walk takes around two hours to complete and starts at Bondi Beach. From there, you'll follow the coastline all the way to Coogee Beach. Along the way, you'll get to see some of Sydney's most iconic beaches and landmarks, so make sure you bring your camera! This hike is perfect for anyone who loves spending time outdoors, and it’s definitely a must-do for any Sydney visitor. So grab your sunscreen and sneakers, and get ready to explore some of Sydney’s most beautiful coastal scenery!

4) The Six Foot Track

best hikes in australia

Photo by Dalal Nizam on Unsplash

With its stunning scenery and variety of terrain, the Six Foot Track is definitely one of the best hikes in Australia. The Six Foot Track is a popular bushwalking track located in the Blue Mountains National Park. The track is named after the width of the original path, which was built for horse-drawn carriages. Today, the track is used by hikers and mountain bike riders. The Six Foot Track is a 43-kilometer hike that starts at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains and ends in Jenolan Caves. The hike takes three to four days to complete, and hikers will enjoy stunning views of the area's forests, canyons, and rivers. The Six Foot Track is one of the best hikes in Australia, and hikers who are looking for an unforgettable outdoor experience should definitely consider giving it a try!

5) Wineglass Bay Circuit

Hiking Wineglass Bay Circuit is one of the best things to do while in Australia. The trail offers stunning views of Wineglass Bay and the Hazards Mountains. It's a moderate hike that takes about four hours to complete, making it perfect for an afternoon adventure. Wildlife enthusiasts will love spotting wallabies and bandicoots on the way, and history buffs can enjoy learning about Aboriginal culture at Osborne Head Lookout. Make sure you bring plenty of water and snacks, and be prepared for a lot of switchbacks! The views from the top are definitely worth it.

6) The Great North Walk

The Great North Walk is one of the most renowned and spectacular hikes in Australia. It is a 250-kilometer trail that stretches from Sydney to Newcastle. This challenging multi-day trek winds its way through pristine rainforest, rugged bushland, and stunning coastal scenery, showcasing some of the best that NSW has to offer hikers. The whole walk takes around two weeks to complete, so it's best to start planning your trip well in advance. This hike offers something for everyone, from experienced hikers to families with small children. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer looking for a new challenge, or a beginner just testing the waters, the Great North Walk is sure to impress. So strap on your boots and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

7) The Overland Track

best hikes in australia

Photo by Tim Lippis on Unsplash

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful and challenging hikes in the world. One hike that should definitely be on your list if you're an avid hiker is the Overland Track. With its stunning mountain scenery, pristine lakes, and diverse wildlife, it's easy to see why The Overland Track is such a popular hiking destination amongst hikers of all ages. This multi-day hike traverses Tasmania's stunning wilderness, and it's considered one of the best hikes in Australia. The track takes around six days to complete and starts at Cradle Mountain. From there, you'll hike through some of Tasmania's most beautiful scenery before finishing at Lake St Clair. If you're looking for an unforgettable hiking experience, don't miss out on the Overland Track!


There you have it! These are just some of the best spring hikes in Australia. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next adventure today! Remember to do your research before embarking on any of these hikes, and pack plenty of food and water. And most importantly, have fun! There's nothing like getting out into nature and exploring all that Australia has to offer. So get out there and start your adventure today!

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