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Luxury Camping Gear: Glamping Essentials For 2023

January 05, 2022 1 Comment

Luxury Camping Gear: Glamping Essentials For 2022

This guide will help you choose the best equipment for luxury camping, so that you can enjoy the great outdoors without roughing it up.

If you're new to the outdoors scene, the term "glamping" might be unfamiliar to you. Glamping (glamorous camping) is a new form of outdoor camping that combines the best aspects of roughing it outdoors with a touch of luxury. Unlike traditional camping, glamping lets you enjoy all the natural wonders and beauty of the great outdoors without having to give up any creature comforts.

There are plenty of high-end camping gear brands that will make your outdoor experience feel just as comfortable as if you were lounging at home. From a comfortable air mattress to a top-of-the-line stove, these products will make your next camping trip feel like a real escape. So if you're ready to take your camping experience to the next level, read on for our picks for the best luxury camping gear!

In this blog post, we will share some of our top luxury camping gear picks.

1) Luxury Tent

Luxury Camping Gear: Glamping Essentials For 2022

Photo by BangkokRush on Unsplash

Let’s start with the basics. You wouldn’t realize the huge difference a luxury tent can make until you actually use one. With a luxurious and spacious camping tent, like the Dream House Bell Tent or the Coleman 9-person Cabin Tent, you will not only get enough room for several members to stay, but also sufficient head height so you don’t have to crouch or duck when moving around. Tents like these also come with enough ventilation to let breeze flow through your tent whenever required and multiple rooms to accommodate more people as well as for storage. Most of these tents also happen to be waterproof and are easy to pitch and take down as well.

2) Sleeping Space

Nope, you don’t need sleeping bags; we’re talking about luxury camping here. This is your time to indulge when it comes to bedding. You can make your bedtime luxurious and extra-snuggly by choosing an airbed cot, like the Coleman Airbed Cot, a raised air mattress, like the King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress, or even a queen size sleeping bag, like the one from Teton. No matter what you choose, you can make it cozier by bringing sheets, pillows, and bedding from home, and also anything you always have with you while sleeping, say your favorite book or that coziest pair of slipper socks you absolutely love.

3) Luxury Cooking Essentials

After shelter and sleeping space, cooking is the next most important thing with camping. As part of your luxury camping experience, you can also make great food, rather than the usual hotdogs and s’mores, with the right cooking setup.

Luxury Camping Gear: Glamping Essentials For 2022

Photo by Li Yang on Unsplash

To make your camping meals fun and exciting, without missing out on your favorites like brownies and cinnamon rolls, get an outdoor camping oven like the Deluxe Outdoor Oven from Camp Chef. For something even more extensive, catering to all your needs just like your home kitchen, go for something like the Grub Hub Camp Kitchen, which works as a full-fledged kitchen yet is easy to pack and unfold.

Luxury Camping Gear: Glamping Essentials For 2022

Photo by Li Yang on Unsplash

And of course, you need cooking utensils and tableware. For your cooking needs, choose a good quality cooking set like the Stansport Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cook Set. For your tableware, something like the Coleman 24-piece Enamel Dinnerware Set would work great.

Another essential when it comes to luxury camp cooking is a good and sturdy cooler. This helps keep your food and drinks cold for a long time, and one of the best models available in the market right now is the 120 Quart XTREME 6 Cooler from Coleman. Coolers are available in a lot of different sizes and models; therefore, choosing one that fits your needs wouldn’t be a problem at all.

In addition, remember to buy a set of luxury camping table and chairs to make your outdoor dining experience much more comfortable.

4) Luxury Hygiene Essentials

With so many modern outdoor hygiene inventions, taking a bath and going to the toilet in the outdoors is now easier than ever.

For your bathing needs, use a portable shower system like the Mr. Heater Boss Battery Operated Shower System, which easily dispenses hot water by sucking in water from any water source. Hence, even if you go camping in cold conditions, you can be rest assured that you have hot water at your disposal at all times.

For your privacy during shower, you can purchase a portable shower tent, like the WolfWise Pop-Up Shower Tent. If you need something even more luxurious, you can choose a shower tent that comes with an attached changing room.

If you choose a luxury camping resort or an established campground for your stay, you will most likely have access to a clean bathroom. However, if you choose to do luxury camping in the wild, where there is no proper access to restrooms, the best option you have is to bring your own portable toilet. For luxury camping, a complete toilet system like the Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Total System would be a great option.

5) Luxury Camping Furniture

glamping essentials

Photo by Li Yang on Unsplash

Yes, the options for luxury camping are endless. Since your focus is on luxury camping, your usual foldable camping chairs and table will not be a part of your trip. Instead, there are a lot of other luxury camping furniture options you can choose from.

To just enjoy a beautiful day outdoors, lounging and sipping your favorite drink, the Intex Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounge would be an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you prefer having individual lounging spaces, lounger chairs like the MAMBLE Inflatable Lounger Chair could be exactly what you need. You can also choose from a variety of comfy inflatable sofas, which also come with a pull-out bed, so you can enjoy the night sky from outside your tent.

6) Luxury Accessories

Since you’re going luxury camping, why not make it more enjoyable with some upgraded accessories? Let’s start with mood lighting. You don’t have to carry those bright head torches this time around. Instead, go for battery- or solar-powered fairy lights and use them around your tent or in between surrounding trees. You can also strategically position these lights around your tent to have sufficient lighting for your nighttime trips.

To make the whole atmosphere more relaxing, use scented candles. Lounging on your inflatable daybed, wrapped up in a blanket with your loved one, enjoying the stars, sipping a glass of wine, and surrounded by scented candles would be the perfect way to spend your evenings during luxury camping.

Luxury Camping Gear: Glamping Essentials For 2022

Photo by Li Yang on Unsplash

Ready for something extreme? How about an outdoor movie theater? Yes, with a battery-powered projector, speakers, a white bed sheet, and a mobile phone with movies and cable to attach to the projector, you can make your very own outdoor silver screen. This will be an excellent source of entertainment especially when you camp with kids or as a group.

You can turn your regular camping adventure into a whole new luxury experience; all you need is some imagination and planning.

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