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The Benefits Of The Outdoors For Seniors

January 02, 2020

The Benefits Of The Outdoors For Seniors


While being outdoors is critical for all people of all ages and walks of life, it’s especially essential for seniors. In fact many benefits associated with the nature and outdoors specifically for this age group. Medical and psychological experts have, over the years, emphasized on the need for elders to spend time outdoors. Research also proves that green, outdoor spaces have the potential to improve their health and well-being. Spending time outdoors on a regular basis therefore is an important factor for seniors who value their health and live a better life.

Outdoor for Seniors


Outdoor activities or an adventure trip for a senior is completely different and unique from other individuals. There is a huge difference between an amateur or pro outdoor enthusiast from venturing outdoors to that of an elderly person. The outdoor camping trip or hike or nature walk need not be as sophisticated or completely outdoor focused for an elderly individual. On the other hand, age being a factor should not stop you from exploring the great outdoors. Being indoors will only prevent you from attaining happiness, health and many similar benefits.

So, to give you some boost, here are the various benefits that seniors get by spending time outdoors.

Improved Physical Activity


Many individuals, both seniors and youngsters alike, normally fail to associate physical activities with the elderly. Just like youngsters and middle-aged individuals, even seniors need to maintain their health, which is possible only by engaging in physical activities like walking or mild jogging. Perform outdoor activities that are suited for your age and body condition, and never try to outperform. Physical activity that you perform on an outdoor adventure trip will help you fight chronic diseases if any. Also, if you are planning on camping or mini-hiking as a group, then you get the opportunity to socialize and improve your overall morale as well.

The mindset of being lonely is not beneficial, and as a senior citizen, you could fight that out pretty easily by venturing outdoors. It does not matter even if you have a slight disability of some sort, there are many outdoor tools and equipment that would help you enjoy your time outdoors without the assistance of another individual. Outdoor physical activities are also found to improve self-esteem in elders, in addition to helping them get rid of their frustration by staying indoors.

Mental Health Enhancement

Mental stress will lead to anxiety, depression and will eventually reduce your overall mental health, which is not ideal for seniors. Many researchers have found that walking, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities improve the mental health considerably. For seniors who are not able to exercise outdoors, camping would be the best outdoor activity. Natural atmosphere will improve your mood and mental status and will keep you happy and contended, which is very important for seniors.

Improved Sleep


Sleep is one of the major problems faced by seniors all across the globe and this can be attributed to lack of outdoor ventures. Being indoors and within a secluded space for a long time will reduce your mental wellbeing, which in turn will result in sleeplessness. Outdoor activities will help you overcome this condition very easily. As you camp or hike or enjoy the nature outdoors, you will exercise automatically and this will release all your negative energy. The more time you spend outdoors, the more proper and satisfied sleep you can enjoy. And if this continues, your entire sleep schedule will be better than ever.

Improved Energy

Lack of energy is something that acts as a roadblock preventing seniors from enjoying nature. Even for an individual who enjoys camping or hiking at a young age, it is important to get outdoors periodically in order to keep the energy high. The lively atmosphere outdoors will resonate with your body, making you more energetic and happy. Enhanced and improved memory is another benefit that seniors get by spending time outdoors.

Improved Morale

When you plan an outdoor trip, make sure to gather as many seniors as you can to join you so that you could socialize with them more. Depression and loneliness can be thrown out the door by camping or hiking as and with a senior group. Glowing sunshine on your face, breathing fresh air, and nature as a whole will help reduce stress levels significantly. The risk of depression is very high in elders, so make it a point to spend your time outdoors in any way possible.

Improved Vitamin D Levels


Seniors who are suffering from any skin condition should consult their physician before heading outdoors. In general, the aging population will benefit a lot by spending time outdoors because the early morning sun helps in improving the Vitamin D levels in their body. Vitamin D is very important for improving immunity. It is seen as a happiness agent by many researchers because seniors with good levels of the same in their body seem to be happier than others. 

Better Social Relationship

Seniors should not be alone at all times. When you choose to go on a group camping outdoor trip, your social relationships get better more than you imagine. Spending time with your family members, friends, colleagues, relatives and others outdoors will strengthen your relationship, thereby keeping you in a positive frame of mind.

Faster Recovery

On the other end of the spectrum, seniors who are suffering from serious ailments and those who are recovering from an injury or surgery can gain a lot by spending time outdoors. In many instances, seniors recovering from illnesses are found to get back to their original state more easily by venturing outdoors quite often than others. It helps the elderly to loosen their body more and relax a bit. All the tensions and stress that life throws at you can be eliminated by spending time outdoors.

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