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7 Best Fall Hiking Destinations In Canada

January 01, 2020

7 Best Fall Hiking Destinations In Canada

If you’re looking for some of the best fall hiking destinations in Canada, this list might give you some ideas to start with.

Canada is the perfect place to book some vacation time this fall. It offers unparalleled hiking experiences from coast to coast. That is why it stands out as one of the best places to go hiking in the world. There are all kinds of hiking destinations for everyone. From incredible coastal wilderness to rugged mountainsides, Canada has a lot to offer. You can find breathtaking canyons, highlands, valleys, and forests. Plus, many places are traffic-free and full of sunshine during autumn.

Here are the 7 best fall hiking destinations in Canada for you to fall in love with.

1) Fundy Trail, NB

Located 10 km east of St. Martins, Fundy Trail is a great place to go hiking in Canada during fall. The views and scenery along the trail will make your jaw drop. There are so many treasures along the route for you to discover. You can even spend some time at Melvins Beach. Likewise, Interpretive Centre is a must-stop destination for hikers on the Fundy Trail. This trail is also well-equipped with toilets and picnic tables. So, it’s a perfect place to bring your family for a fall holiday.

2) Coastal Hiking Trail

The Coastal Hiking Trail is another popular fall hiking destination. The hiking trail is 60 km long and runs right through the Pukaskwa National Park. Majority of the trail is quite easy. The Coastal Hiking Trail is a gem on its own with rich flora and fauna. Hikers can enjoy views of both the ocean and the highland during this hike. Coastal shorelines and forests are all within reach. Make sure to go hiking in the Coastal Hiking Trail during the months of September to November.

3) Les Deux-Criques Trail, La Mauricie National Park

Les Deux-Criques Trail is a “difficult” hike due to its 17km length. But if you’re used to hiking lengthy trails then it’s right up your alley. The first few kilometers offer incredible views every now and then. You’ll have nothing but woods surrounding you in all directions. This allows you to enjoy the wilderness and spend some time alone with Mother Nature.

On this hike, you’ll follow a beautiful but demanding trail. Most of the people come to the Les Deux-Criques Trail for hiking, walking, and nature trips. Fall is the best time of the year to go hiking on this trail. And it will take you about 7 hours to complete this hike.

4) West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island

West Coast Trail is a popular yet challenging hiking trail in Canada. It’s about 75 km long and it can take you 5 to 7 days to complete. Vancouver Island’s West Coast Trail is ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts. If it’s remote wilderness you’re searching for then look no further. The West Coast Trail takes you from lush forests to deserted beaches. September to early November is the best time to go on this hike. What makes this hike special is that it has a historical aspect to it. One cool thing to note is that this hiking trail was first established to save shipwreck survivors.

5) Caldron Lake, AB

Caldron Lake is a popular fall hiking destination in Canada. It’s full of amazing spots and lookouts to enjoy breathtaking views. This trail lies north of Wapta Icefield. You’ll get to hike through a very picturesque shoreline. And enjoy the vivid wilderness of this region. You will also encounter incredible wildlife while hiking here.

The Caldron Lake hiking trail is a photographer’s paradise. So, make sure to bring your camera with you on this hike. Fall is the best time to go hiking on this trail. All in all, the hiking trail is about 14.3 km long. This trail is open to both novice and expert hikers. No matter the ages in your party, this one is a must-see destination.

6) Acadian Trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park

The Acadian Trail offers a wilderness hiking experience unlike any other. Acadian Trail is 9 km long and leads you to some great viewpoints. This hiking trail is a favorite place for nature enthusiasts. And it’s not that demanding. So, you can bring your friends and family to go on this hike with you. On the way, you even get to take in some breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

You’ll ascend and gain elevation throughout the hike. You won’t see much at first and it’ll be a steady climb uphill. If you are running out of time then you can return back from the mid-point. But doing so will mean that you’ll miss out on visiting some cool places along the trail. If you continue hiking, you’ll get to see the beautiful town of Chéticamp.

7) East Coast Trail

The East Coast Trail offers astounding topography and breathtaking views. Those seeking a challenge will enjoy hiking the East Coast Trail. It is 540 km long and can intimidate even the most experienced hikers. But not to worry. You won’t get lost or have a too hard time navigating. The trail is well-marked and well-maintained. So, it should match your hiking standards and expectations. This hiking trail is ideal for remote wilderness hikers. Hiking along the East Coast Trail is a scenic treat. You’ll hike past sea arches, suspension bridges, and coastal towns.


If you’re looking for the best fall hiking destinations in Canada then don’t miss out on these 7 amazing hikes. Is your favorite hiking destination included on the list? If not tell me what is your favorite fall hiking trail in the comments!

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