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The Ultimate Guide To Indoor Hammock Camping

July 27, 2020

The Ultimate Guide To Indoor Camping


Indoor hammock camping takes relaxation to a whole new level!!!

Bring those vacation vibes home with our ultimate guide to indoor hammock camping! It's hard to think of a more relaxing way to pass a few lazy hours than by hanging in a comfy hammock indoors. With many campsites still not safe for outdoor activities, it's probably a good idea to spend time indoors. But spending days boxed in between four walls can be very exhausting! So if you want to make your stay indoors a bit exciting then we suggest you try hammock camping at home.

Hammocks give you the freedom to sleep wherever you please than any tent out there. Having said that, there are few things you need to keep in mind before you start looking out for places to hang your hammock at home. From choosing the right hammock to making sure you are comfortable inside one, our indoor hammock camping tips are useful for both first-timers and experienced campers.

If you think indoor hammock camping sounds tempting, check out these expert tips to ensure that you have a great time hanging at home.

1) Choosing the right hammock


In order to enjoy a hassle-free hammock camping at home, you must buy the right hammock that is suitable for you and your home. If you look around, you will find that there are a wide variety of hammocks available on the market. Hammocks vary in price, material, weight, and build quality. But generally, there are two major options for you to choose: one-person and two-person hammocks.

You should opt for the two-person hammock if you want more space and don't mind the extra weight that comes with it. You will get superior comfort while sleeping in a two-person hammock. Or you can go with the one-person hammock which tends to be less spacious but is lightweight compared to most two-person hammocks. If you are limited to budget, you can start simple and just buy a hammock and straps.

2) Finding the right spot to hang your hammock


After you're done choosing the right hammock for your stay indoors, you should now look out for the best spots where you can hang your hammock. If it's your first time using a hammock, be sure to read the manual properly before doing anything. The wall and the staircase are some of the places where you should be able to hand your hammock. You can install lag hooks on your wall that can compensate for the camper’s weight. Once you’ve secured your hammock to the wall, we recommend testing its weight capacity.

Unique placement can make all the difference. But if you don't want to drill holes in your wall, consider getting a sturdy stand to hand your hammock. With a hammock stand, you can easily hook & unhook your hammock. We recommend getting yourself the Lazy Daze Hammocks Space Saving. It can hold weight up to 450 pounds and costs approximately $129.

3) Extra activities


There is no better feeling than to cozy up in a hammock. But if you don't like the idea of just sleeping in your hammock then you should consider buying books to read or planning a movie marathon to watch all night long. Most of the time you can stay inside your hammock without feeling the need to do anything else. But there may come a time when just sleeping in a hammock might sound a bit boring to you. So, in that case, planning extra indoor activities should come in handy.

4) Decorate your hammock

Hanging in an indoor hammock is an irresistible treat. And you can make your hammock look trendy and stylish by decorating your hammock. Accessorize your sleeping haven with various stickers and string lights. You can also complete your hammock setup with comfortable sleeping pads and pillows for a better night's sleep. While you're at it, why not take some photos of your hammock and share them with your friends online. You never know whom you might inspire next to try indoor hammock camping.

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5) Find your comfy position


Last but not the least, finding a comfy position should help you sleep soundly. Hammocks can instantly create a mood of relaxation. But at first, sleeping in your hammock can take some getting used to. Most campers prefer sleeping on their back and sides. For additional comfort and insulation, add blankets and pillows to turn your hammock into a sleeping haven. And remember it might take some shifting and maneuvering to figure out the best sleeping position for you. But it's totally worth giving it a shot!


Are you a hammock pro, or a hammock newbie? Either way these tips should help you have a great time snuggling in a hammock. Indoor hammock camping is the perfect activity to do when going outside is not possible. Hammocks aren't exclusive to the great outdoors. As long as you anchor them properly, you can hang a hammock anywhere in your home. Hammocks can transform your home into a relaxing retreat. If you are willing to give indoor hammock camping a try, the tips mentioned above should help you get your indoor hammock camping off to a good start.

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments down below.

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