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Green Camping: 7 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Camping Trip

September 15, 2022

Green Camping: 7 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Camping Trip

There are many simple ways to camp responsibly, and it’s never too late to start!

Eco-friendly camping, or green camping, is the practice of preserving the environment and protecting it from pollution. You should always explore Mother Nature, while also respecting her boundaries! It can be as simple as packing a reusable water bottle to using eco-friendly cleaning products. This blog post will provide you with eco-friendly camping tips & hacks on how to be sustainable when camping! We'll dive deeper into several ways you can reduce your ecological footprint when out enjoying nature.

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Campers should have a deep love for the outdoors and a desire to preserve it. After all, camping provides people with a connection to nature that they might not get otherwise. It just takes a little bit of planning and preparation to ensure that your camping trip is sustainable and environmentally friendly. With these useful tips, you'll be able to go into nature feeling confident that your impact on the environment is minimal.

Follow these 7 eco-friendly camping tips to reduce your impact on the environment:

1. Don’t use plastic water bottles

green camping, eco friendly camping tips

Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

Needless to say, every piece of plastic makes a difference. Limiting the use of plastic water bottles should be your top priority when camping outdoors. You should instead try getting in the habit of using reusable water bottles. Nowadays you can easily find environment-friendly water bottles in stores nearby most camping sites. This way not only will you be able to save money but also avoid drinking toxins from the plastic. Believe me, there’s nothing worse than finding a littered camping site with plastic bottles. All of these pieces of garbage should remind us how important our individual actions are when we want to make changes on an environmental level.

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2. Make snacks beforehand

green camping, eco friendly camping tips

Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

Prepping your snacks before you head out to the campsite is another great eco-friendly camping tip. If done regularly, this can help you become a more sustainable camper and leave less impact on the environment. Doing this will also help you save time and energy when you get hungry during your camping trip. If you make snacks beforehand then you will also have more time to prepare healthier snacks like Homemade Granola. Although packaged snacks are quick and easy, they produce significantly more waste. So you are better off bringing food that you’ve prepared yourself.

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3. Leave No Trace

green camping, eco friendly camping tips

Photo by Florida Guidebook on Unsplash

Next is the “Leave No Trace” rule. This is arguably one of the most important eco-friendly camping tips that you need to remember during your trip outdoors. Regardless of where you are going or how long your camping trip is, you have to make sure to leave no trace behind. Meaning anything you bring with you on your adventure must also leave with you. Pack out your trash. And leave rocks, plants, and animals where you found them.

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4. Try to limit the use of your car

green camping, eco friendly camping tips

Photo by The Digital Marketing Collaboration on Unsplash

While car camping is a favorite outdoor activity for most city dwellers, it is not the most eco-friendly way to travel or camp out. Carbon Monoxide left behind from combustion engines can harm the plants and animals. Sometimes you can only reach the campsite in your car. So it’s not always possible to go camping without your vehicle. But you should avoid trampling native fauna while on your way to the campsite. And always drive on pre-determined tracks so that you don’t cause irreparable damage to the local environment. Limiting your carbon footprint can help you protect and preserve the natural beauty around campsites!

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5. Use solar chargers

green camping, eco friendly camping tips

It’s a no brainer! Bringing solar-powered phone chargers is one of the most effective eco-friendly camping tips. Batteries contain harmful chemicals that are extremely toxic. So you are better off using eco friendly camping gear and equipment such as solar-powered chargers. Solar power is finally to a place that it can be relied on. At first, you may spend more money but when you compare the longevity of solar-powered camping gear, you’ll end up saving money in the long run. There’s no way around it. Don’t bring a bag full of batteries just to throw them away once you’re done using them. Period!

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6. Pack reusable kitchenware

green camping, eco friendly camping tips

To most of us, bringing plastic and paper kitchenware is super convenient and cheap. But the problem starts when you have to throw them away. So consider bringing reusable kitchenware instead. Swap out wasteful disposables for a more eco-friendly product that is budget-friendly and less harmful to the environment. If it's not a hassle, you can also try using kitchenware and other cooking utensils that you use at your home.

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7. Separate your waste

green camping, eco friendly camping tips

Photo by Edoardo Frezet on Unsplash

What do you do once you’re about to leave your campsite and head back home? Most will simply pack their gear and equipment and then just leave. But that’s not how it should be done. You should bring a few bags and separate your waste so that you can put them away in a more sustainable manner. Don’t put all your waste in one bucket. Separate things that can be recycled. After all, recycling is the hallmark of sustainable living.

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Extra Tips:

  • Minimize your water usage.
  • Don’t use aluminum foil.
  • Shop at the local farmer’s market
  • Use biodegradable cleaning liquids.
  • Be responsible with campfires.
  • Pick the right campsite.

Final Thoughts

Being mindful of how you camp outdoors ensures that our effect on the surroundings is positive. So do your small part and take these 7 eco-friendly camping tips into consideration whenever you’re in the wilderness. We hope this blog inspired you to embrace nature in its purest form and leave no trace behind! And if you wish to learn how you can make eco-friendly improvements at your home, then do check out this blog post by Bankrate.

Did we leave anything out that you might consider when going on an eco-friendly camping trip? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue.

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