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Tips to Have the Best RV Fall Foliage Trip

January 03, 2020

Tips to Have the Best RV Fall Foliage Trip

Photo by Togo RV on Unsplash

For some, there is no arguing that summer is the best season to take the RV for a road trip. But, fall with its incredible colors, is no doubt magical in it’s own right and there’s no better way to take in all that colors than to go for a drive. Though you may witness them every year, the beautiful sight of autumn leaves changing hue is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Leaves changing colors to red, orange and gold is simply breathtaking. And it doesn’t end there; from pumpkin patch to hay ride and everything in between, there are a lot more activities you can enjoy with family, friends, and kids during this time of the year.

So plan your trip ahead. Note that it varies from year to year depending on weather conditions, location, elevation and other key factors. We list down key notes on how to be better prepared for that colorful road trip so dust off your RVs, pack your gears and go!

Prepping Your RV

Photo by Togo RV on Unsplash

Though fall could have a lot in store for you to enjoy as a family, getting behind your RV’s steering wheel without proper preparation can end up being troublesome. Here are some of the steps you shouldn’t forget:

Check the Battery

The first step to prepping your RV for the best RV fall foliage trip is to check its battery. Any battery will need more power or electricity to crank up when the temperature is colder outside. The cold engine needs to be warmed up before you hit the road. Therefore, you need to make sure that your RV’s battery is in good working condition. You can either clean the terminals of the battery on your own, or seek professional help for the same, and get it in perfect condition before your fall RV trip begins. In addition, do filter changes, oil changes, tire checks, and other such regular maintenance checks to keep your RV in optimum condition.

Fill Up the Tank

If your RV’s propane tank is partially filled, then chances for condensation are higher during these colder days. Therefore, make sure that the tank is always full to prevent such issues.

Wash the RV

If your RV has been sitting idle for quite some time now, be sure to give its exterior a thorough wash, so that it is nice and clean for your fall RV adventure.

Clean the Water Tanks

The water holding tanks in your RV should also be in excellent condition. Empty, clean and dry them before using them for your trip.

Clean the Interior

Photo by Airstream Inc. on Unsplash

As obvious as it is, you need to clean the interiors of your RV as well so you have a nice and clean space to enjoy fall foliage from. Be sure to clean every single space inside your RV, including the refrigerator, kitchen sink, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobe. Even better, defrost your refrigerator, remove and clean all curtains, bedspreads, and other linens, and clear the pantry to start afresh.

Warm Up the Interiors

During your fall RV trip, you could experience colder temperatures. During such times, your best option would be to stay inside the RV rather than going out on a fall foliage tour or engaging in any other activity. For this, it is vital that you prepare your RV beforehand so it is warm and comfortable for you to stay in. Hang curtains, drapes, Styrofoam, etc. on the windows to keep the temperature inside manageable. Use thick rugs on the floor and hang blankets wherever necessary to block the cold.

Fall Foliage on a Budget

Photo by Togo RV on Unsplash

Worried that you wouldn’t be able to witness fall foliage in an RV this year because it could leave a dent in your budget? Well, you don’t have to! There are a lot of ways for you to enjoy fall foliage without breaking the bank.

Go for a Compact Trailer

Before you buy or rent a full-sized motorhome, you can start small with a compact trailer that will be light in weight and also easy to tow. These trailers are usually budget-friendly because they do not have an engine or cab of their own like a big RV. Also, you will be able to reduce your travel costs as well significantly as these trailers are known to give better mileage.

Buy Used RVs

If this is going to be your first RV, then going for a used RV would be the best option because it will not only save you huge chunks of money, but will also be a great way to gradually accustomed to RV road trips and RV camping.

Once you get an RV by choosing one of these options, you can further save money on your fall foliage RV trip by opting for partial hookups or dry camping and finding free overnight parking.

Fall Activities

Since our focus here is bout RV fall foliage trip, perhaps the first fall activity you should consider doing is taking a fall foliage driving tour. Almost all states across the United States remain bathed in beautiful autumn leaves from the month of September till mid- or the end of November. Therefore, finding the best fall foliage route will not be a problem for you at all. Check out our best fall road trips article to find some of the best routes across America.

In addition to a fall foliage tour, you will also have access to other fall activities such as hay rides, pumpkin patch, apple picking, corn maze, and more.

Put Yourself in the Picture

Photo by Lucas Davies on Unsplash

Yes, you can enjoy fall foliage from your RV. But, when the whole environment around you is so beautiful and inviting, why do you have to just look at them? Get out of your RV once in a while and put yourself in the picture. Even if you are not interested in any of the “traditional” fall activities, simply stepping out of your motorhome and walking around looking at the gorgeous view around you will leave you refreshed. And if you have kids with you, let them play in the fallen leaves, run around, pile up and bounce on leaves, and just have fun.

With less tourists, crowds, or queues to bother you, fall would be the best time of the year for you to go on an RV road trip, with the additional benefit of witnessing fall foliage. Keep these tips in mind and your travel experience will just be perfect!

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